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Orientation of New Faculty Member

Policy Statement

The amount of guidance given to new teachers depends upon previous years of teaching experience and the policy of the schools in which they are serving.

Advice and direction are provided by the dean(s) of the schools to which new teachers are appointed and by the department chairperson on use of course outlines, preparation of bibliographies, library holdings, written assignments, audio and visual aids, periodic examinations, and classroom procedures.

Probation is a period of service in which a faculty member has an opportunity to prove her/his worth and effectiveness to the institution before being either tenured or promoted. The institution has a right to assume not only that a prospective faculty member is competent in her/his field and a good teacher, but also that s/he will adjust satisfactorily to the particular situation existing on campus.

As a service of the Faculty Senate, each new faculty member is appointed a mentor from the full-time teaching faculty to assist with this adjustment.

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07/01/89 - Reaffirmed with publication of Faculty Manual