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Student Academic Grievance

Policy Statement

Marywood University recognizes the need to assure students a prompt, impartial and fair hearing of their grievances related to academic matters. A student who feels that s/he has been treated unfairly or unjustly by instructional staff, chair or dean with regard to an academic matter has a right to grieve according to approved procedures available in deans' offices. Note: The University's Civil Rights Policy and Grade Appeals policy supersede this Student Academic Grievance policy.


Academic matter - that which could affect academic standing or progress in a particular program.


The student must approach the instructor, chair, dean, or other institutional officer directly involved with the alleged problem. Oftentimes the matter can be resolved equitably at this level. If the student feels uncomfortable in approaching the person directly involved with the dispute, s/he has the option of progressing successively up the chain of the organizational structure in which the problem originated.

The final stage of informal resolution of grievances is the academic dean of the college or the appropriate institutional officer.

A student who decides to file a formal grievance must submit the request in writing. This is ordinarily done within thirty working days of the date an alleged incident occurred or a problem began. The necessary form and procedural guidelines are available from the academic dean of the college where the alleged problem occurred.

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04/20/04 - Approved by the President of the University as recommended by the Policy Committee of the University.