From scholarships for our students, improvements for our campus, and more, our priorities are constantly evolving to help us best serve our students and our mission. See some of the areas where you can support Marywood below:

Marywood Fund

The Marywood Fund provides the resources necessary to maintain our beautiful campus and make it a safe and welcoming place for all of the people who live, learn, and work here.


By contributing to scholarships, you are helping deserving students realize their dream of obtaining a college education.

President's Innovation Fund

The President's Innovation Fund provides our president, Sr. Mary Persico, with resources to support our growing university.

Learning Commons

In our new Learning Commons, students, faculty, staff, and the community have access to not only a wealth of information but also the rich relationships that shape their actions, their lives, and their futures.

The Michael and Gwen Calabro Delfino '47 Amphitheatre

The latest addition to Marywood's beautiful campus, the Calabro-Delfino Amphitheatre is a space for cultural events and educational opportunities alike to thrive in the community.

Motherhouse and Seminary Morgan Memorial Garden

This beautiful memorial to the IHM Congregation that founded Marywood in 1915 both preserves the past and leads us into the future.

Athletic Facilities

At Marywood, we believe you can't separate spiritual awareness and intellectual growth from physical activity.

Center for Architectural Studies

Our iconic Center for Architectural Studies, a stunning transformation of the former Health and Physical Education Center, is a testament to Marywood’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

A Strong Endowment

To support future students, Marywood requires investments that will pay dividends, both literally and figuratively.