Emergencies and Closings

Campus Safety

(570) 348-6242

Dial 6242 from any campus phone



Police, fire, EMS

Weather Hotline

(570) 961-4766

Main Number

(570) 348-6211

Campus switchboard

Emergency Notification System

Class cancellations and emergency information are broadcast through e2Campus. Sign up for e2Campus to receive text message and email notifications whenever there is an emergency or weather-related class cancellations or delays.

Sign Up for e2Campus

Emergency Call Boxes

For your safety, emergency call boxes are located around campus. They can be used to quickly contact Campus Safety in the event of an emergency.

Warning Siren

There are two outdoor warning sirens on campus. In the event of an emergency, the sirens will sound and provide instructions for seeking shelter or evacuating, depending on the nature of the emergency.

Evacuation Guidelines

If a fire alarm sounds, you should immediately leave the building. If you are a student and an alarm in your residence hall sounds, you should:

  1. Close windows and doors in your room
  2. Proceed to the nearest exit
  3. Use stairs, not elevators
  4. Move to a clearing away from the building
  5. Report to the person in charge of attendance
  6. Wait for permission to re-enter the building

If a building must be evacuated in a non-fire emergency, you will receive instructions for safely exiting. Those with disabilities will be assisted by Campus Safety officers or Marywood staff.